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Relationships and Communication

How to Make New Year Resolutions for Couples Work for You

In the past have you made New Year resolutions that fall apart after a few weeks or months? Studies show that over 80% of people fail to keep up wither resolutions by mid-February. This sad state of affairs often leaves people feeling disappointed in themselves which can result in negative self-talk, lowered self-esteem, etc. […]

Couples and Attachment – Is Your Attachment to Each Other Secure?

Couples and attachment are the subject of the research of Dr. John Bowlby, MD, and Sue Johnson, PhD.
Dr. John Bowlby, an English psychiatrist, pioneered research into the importance of secure attachment between mother or primary caregiver and baby. Dr. Sue Johnson has extended these ideas to love relationships between couples. She describes couples and attachment as […]

Life Transitions: Learning, Growing, Healing Together

Life Transitions at Counseling Associates of Sarasota

Life transitions come in all shapes and sizes. Some are consciously chosen, such as retirement, relocating, or changing careers. Other come as a surprise or can be unwelcome and traumatic. These include death, a major health issue, job loss, and divorce.  Even when the life transition is a […]

Positivity in Communication Part 2

Improving Your Communication Using a Positivity Approach

Many couples struggle with communication issues. In my practice I hear comments such as “When we try to address a serious topic such as in laws, disciplining our children or getting them to finish their homework our arguments escalate into a fight” or “my partner does not listen […]

How Can We Improve Our Communication? Part 1

Dr. John Gottman studied communication and interaction patterns of couples in the “love lab” he established at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here couples came to a bed and breakfast type setting where their interactions and communications were recorded and carefully analyzed.
A Classic Communication Study about Couples
From an initial group of 130 newlyweds, […]

Life Transitions Support Groups

New: Transitions Support Groups for Dealing with Life Challenges
 You might be asking why I am offering new transitions support groups. Yesterday I rang a bell! The large brass bell stands on a cabinet in the treatment room at Florida Cancer Center. Following their final chemo treatment patients are encouraged to ring that bell for all […]

April is Counseling Awareness Month: What Can a Counselor Do for You?

Depression, anxiety, a bad break-up or loss of a job…those are just a few of the multiple scenarios that might drive somebody to see a counselor. But what about people whose lives are “right on track?” Did you know that many of them seek counseling as well? In fact, at least 30 million Americans […]

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Would you like to feel less anxiety and more joy?

Would you like to experience better sleep?
Would you like to improve your relationships through better communication?
Perhaps you are grieving […]

Don’t Disconnect! 7 Reasons Why Good Communication Goes Bad

Connection is a vital part of human relationships. We should have the best communication with our romantic partners, and when we’re communicating well, we feel loved and understood. On the flip side, poor communication leads to feeling disconnected. Before you know it, that once-solid relationship turns rocky. Here’s how good communication turns bad—and how to […]

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