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Mental Health and Stigma

May is mental health awareness month. The stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness illness can result in people being critical, fearful, judgmental and generally dismissive of those suffering from a mental disorder. Such stigma causes many people to attempt to hide their mental concerns and thus often avoid treatment or be unwilling to […]

Life Transitions Support Groups

New: Transitions Support Groups for Dealing with Life Challenges
 You might be asking why I am offering new transitions support groups. Yesterday I rang a bell! The large brass bell stands on a cabinet in the treatment room at Florida Cancer Center. Following their final chemo treatment patients are encouraged to ring that bell for all […]

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April is Counseling Awareness Month: What Can a Counselor Do for You?

Depression, anxiety, a bad break-up or loss of a job…those are just a few of the multiple scenarios that might drive somebody to see a counselor. But what about people whose lives are “right on track?” Did you know that many of them seek counseling as well? In fact, at least 30 million Americans […]

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Workplace Stress – 5 Tips to Keep Calm with a Difficult Co-worker

5 Tips to Calm Workplace Stress with a Difficult Co-worker
You spend a significant portion of your life at work. In fact, you probably see your coworkers for more hours each week than you see your loved ones. This means that when you encounter workplace stress it can have a significant impact on your life. […]

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Coping with Bipolar Mania Symptoms

Up All Night and Day and Night…How to Cope with Bipolar Mania Symptoms

Bipolar disorder can be perplexing to observe in someone else. But it can be downright bewildering when it happens to you. There are different varieties of bipolar disorder and each one has its own unique set of symptoms. Some people with bipolar […]

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7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays or Holiday Stress?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At least that’s what the popular carols and society at large will say. Sure, there are lots of great things about the season. Twinkling lights everywhere, seeing loved ones and friends and indulging in once-a-year treats are all fun. But it’s also […]

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Would you like to feel less anxiety and more joy?

Would you like to experience better sleep?
Would you like to improve your relationships through better communication?
Perhaps you are grieving […]

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Retired and Depressed? 7 Uplifting Things To Do When the Alarm Goes Off

Retired AND depressed? How can that be? Retirement sounds so wonderful… when you’re in the middle of a grinding, hectic workday.   Those long-held expectations of taking it easy and relaxing on a beach can sometimes come to a grinding halt once you’ve actually retired. Why is that?

You may find that you’re not as happy […]

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Beat Social Anxiety with 5 Simple Strategies

Social anxiety is a problem plaguing millions of Americans. If you have social anxiety, you might feel dread and fear about the idea of meeting new people or spending time in social situations. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help yourself to manage it.
Strategies to Beat Social Anxiety
1. Challenge your own […]

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Meds and Therapy? A One-Two Punch to Knock Out Depression

Millions of people struggle with depression every year.

Untreated depression leads to lost productivity at work, relationship dysfunction and poor physical health. Many people think that depression is just something they have to live with or that it will go away on its own. But, with the right combination of treatment, healing is within your […]

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