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Negative and Self Defeating Thoughts are often Part of Depression

Are Self Defeating Thoughts Contributing
to Your Feelings of Depression?

When you meet a new situation you will have a variety of thoughts about it. We tend to believe our own thoughts,including those that are negative or self defeating rarely troubling to challenge them.

In fact, particularly when we are depressed we entertain thoughts that are often […]

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Positivity in Communication Part 2

Improving Your Communication Using a Positivity Approach

Many couples struggle with communication issues. In my practice I hear comments such as “When we try to address a serious topic such as in laws, disciplining our children or getting them to finish their homework our arguments escalate into a fight” or “my partner does not listen […]

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Suicide Risk and Prevention

Suicide Risk
This past week, two people with familiar names to us, have apparently taken their lives by suicide. These sad events shock and confuse us. Questions such as “How could she leave her daughter?” in Kate Spade’s case or “How could there be anything wrong in the exciting life led by Anthony Bourdain?”

Of course, […]

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How Can We Improve Our Communication? Part 1

Dr. John Gottman studied communication and interaction patterns of couples in the “love lab” he established at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here couples came to a bed and breakfast type setting where their interactions and communications were recorded and carefully analyzed.
A Classic Communication Study about Couples
From an initial group of 130 newlyweds, […]

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Grief – how can I help a loved one?

When someone we love experiences the death of a loved one, a divorce or any other major life event we often do not know how to help them in this period of grief and loss. In our efforts to alleviate pain we often fall back on platitudes such as:

You are lucky to have your […]

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Mental Health and Stigma

May is mental health awareness month. The stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness illness can result in people being critical, fearful, judgmental and generally dismissive of those suffering from a mental disorder. Such stigma causes many people to attempt to hide their mental concerns and thus often avoid treatment or be unwilling to […]

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Life Transitions Support Groups

New: Transitions Support Groups for Dealing with Life Challenges
 You might be asking why I am offering new transitions support groups. Yesterday I rang a bell! The large brass bell stands on a cabinet in the treatment room at Florida Cancer Center. Following their final chemo treatment patients are encouraged to ring that bell for all […]

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April is Counseling Awareness Month: What Can a Counselor Do for You?

Depression, anxiety, a bad break-up or loss of a job…those are just a few of the multiple scenarios that might drive somebody to see a counselor. But what about people whose lives are “right on track?” Did you know that many of them seek counseling as well? In fact, at least 30 million Americans […]

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Workplace Stress – 5 Tips to Keep Calm with a Difficult Co-worker

5 Tips to Calm Workplace Stress with a Difficult Co-worker
You spend a significant portion of your life at work. In fact, you probably see your coworkers for more hours each week than you see your loved ones. This means that when you encounter workplace stress it can have a significant impact on your life. […]

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Coping with Bipolar Mania Symptoms

Up All Night and Day and Night…How to Cope with Bipolar Mania Symptoms

Bipolar disorder can be perplexing to observe in someone else. But it can be downright bewildering when it happens to you. There are different varieties of bipolar disorder and each one has its own unique set of symptoms. Some people with bipolar […]

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