An evening transition support group is scheduled to begin on Monday October 15th at 6pm.

Transitions, in general have three parts. The first is loss. Even positive transitions, by their nature, leave behind one part of life. Many transitions involve pain, grief, fear and uncertainty. We go from the known to the unknown, from surety to uncertainty, from good health to a threat to well-being. Transitions can involve death, divorce, a relocation, a job change or loss, a new baby and many more of course.

It also became clear to me that there would be no better time to offer some group sessions wherein stories could be told and shared with others as we all move through the transitional stages of change. From the chaos of loss we move to reorganization and to eventual acceptance and hope.

You may have read my post in May when I shared my breast cancer journey. In it I said “So, now it is on to the third stage of consolidating these lessons and growing some hair!” I am happy to say that i now have hair albeit short.